Version: 3.1

Ketuk (also called Kempli) and Cengceng are instruments that marks the rhythm of the music. Ketuk divides the cycle into regular beats and Cengceng subdivides the beats.

Use your finger as mallet!

Note that Cengceng is divided into four areas and Ketuk is divided into two areas. For both instruments, quick touch the upper part (green areas as shown below) plays the open sound, while longer touch produces stopped sound. You can also play close sound by touching the lower part (blue areas as shown below).


Instrument too small? Use zoom view!

By pressing the "Zoom in" button, you are brought to the zoom view of Ketuk. You can also get the zoom view of Cengceng by pressing the "Cengceng" button.

Instruction: Ketuk Zoom View
Instruction: Cengceng Zoom View

Instruction: iPhone Play on iPhone/iPod touch with 3.5-inch screen?

Graphics were also optimized for iPhone and iPod touch with 3.5-inch screen.

Instruction: iPad Portrait mode Play on iPad?

All the Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar apps work on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Not only landscape mode, you can even play in portrait mode on an iPad.